Plumbing Tips

Spring has sprung! Hopefully no leaks have sprung along with it. Add these plumbing tips to your spring cleaning list:kitchen-faucet

Tip #1: Check your faucets and toilets for drips and leaks. Then repair them fast. Don’t wait!

Tip #2: Rotate, tighten, or replace the water supply valves under your toilets and sinks.

Tip #3: Insert drain strainers in your tubs, sinks, etc. to prevent clogging from hair, dirt, food etc.

Tip #4: Inspect your home’s appliances and replace tubing, hoses, etc. if signs of wear are present.

Tip #5: Take a careful look at your water heater. Check for sediment and corrosion at the bottom.

It’s the simple routine maintenance and care that homeowners take that make the real difference. Are you taking’the necessary precautions to prevent future problems with your plumbing? Have any questions? Call to speak with an expert today! (208) 569-6497